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TopSpin managed to give new life to a beloved desi game by turning it into an equally amazing slot. The dice we were expecting, but the additional bets, Mystery Double Win feature, and impressive graphics (the pink is so calming) were welcome surprises!

The rules of the game are the same as they’ve always been: bet on six different symbols, and win if the dice come up with the symbol you bet on. And in TopSpin’s version, the wins come often (every other spin for us) and they can get massive thanks to the bonus features.

Jhandi Munda TopSpin Games


Jhandi Munda

Game Developer:


Release Date:




Minimum / Maximum Bet: 


Maximum Win: 

4,000x your bet

Bonus Features:

Mystery Double Win, Additional Bets

Game Features

Mystery Double Win

Triggered randomly, the Mystery Double Win feature will double your total win. And it did exactly that for us every third spin on average!



Additional Bet

Once you place your main bets on the six dice, you’ll get to place chips on the two tables on the left and right of the screen. In the first case, you bet on what symbols will appear and in the second you bet on how many times they will appear.

Jhandi Munda Verdict

Jhandi Munda by TopSpin is the perfect combo of a slot and table game. We loved everything it had to offer and won over ₹8,960 (thank you, Mystery Double Win)! The additional bets were especially fun, as they kept up the thrill of the game.


We definitely recommend you try Jhandi Munda out and let it charm you as much as it did us.

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