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Remember playing the Snakes and Ladders board game as a kid? Gameplay was fun and involved players rolling dice to climb ladders and avoid snakes that could get in the way of their progress. Oh! The good ol’ days.


Early this year, TopSpin Games created its variation of this classic. Like the original, the ladder will take you  up all the towers by one level, and the snake resets the cashpot (your cash earnings) to zero. 


Featuring a 1×3 layout, you’ll find five symbols in this Snake and Ladder game : Snake, Ladder, Bronze Chest, Silver Chest, and Golden Chest. Getting a three-of-a-kind chest symbol will level up your wins for that particular symbol. 


Players can collect winnings from the game’s cashpot any time or keep playing to receive the top prize –500x of the total bet). 


With a 96% RTP and high volatility, your chances of landing those three-of-a-kind symbols required for level-ups are high. Set on a jungle-like background, the Snake and Ladder game also incorporates upbeat Indian-tunes to enhance the excitement of spinning the reels.


Keep reading our Snake and Ladder slot review for more insight into this reinvented classic.

Snakes and Ladder Slot


Snake and Ladder

Game Developer:

TopSpin Games

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1 x 3







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Slot Features


The Wild tops our list of Snake and Ladder features. Represented by the Ladder, landing a three-of-a-kind Wild levels up all chest symbols by one level. But unlike chest icons, this Wild combo rarely appears during gameplay.


Snake Icon

On the flip side, the Snake is the reset icon. Once a three-of-a-kind reset symbol appears across the reel, you’ll lose all your progress. Our experience with the Snake wasn’t pleasant; a three-of-a-kind single-handedly robbed us of the €2,400 accumulated winnings that we had in our cashpot. We aren’t sad — this experience just makes our eyes sweaty.


Treasure Chest

Each chest has five levels. You’ll win the top prize of 500x their total bet when each chest reaches level five. Although you can keep playing instead of collecting the cashpot at level five, we don’t recommend it as there’s a chance the Snake is lurking around to take you back to square one. So, once you’ve reached level five and have gotten the maximum Snake and Ladder win, clicking the Collect Cashpot icon might just be a great idea!


Turbo Mode

Another feature of the Snake and Ladder game is Turbo Mode. This three-tier feature increases the speed of spins. Using this add-on alongside the “Autoplay” functionality, we took lightning-fast spins and increased our bankroll in record time!


Snake and Ladder Slot Verdict

Although Snake and Ladder is similar to the original board game, the variation created by TopSpin Games has a modern twist. Underneath each treasure is a ladder featuring different monetary values — the higher you climb, the higher your rewards!


With the Snake lurking to reset your progress, take charge and hit the Collect Cashpot button to receive your winnings once they reach the amount you’re aiming for. This worked for us and we got a total of €1,150!


However, you can earn the top prize of 500x your wager by landing three-of-a-kind chest or Wild combos regularly. With the game’s RNG in your favour, anything’s possible.


We enjoyed Snake and Ladder by TopSpin Games. With the Indian-themed sounds, straightforward gameplay, and decent winning margins, this slot has earned the bragging rights to place among our “Favourites.”

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